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Please Note: NO GLASS OR ALCOHOL is permitted on Saugatuck or St. Joseph Michigan Beaches. You will be responsible for any parking fees associated with the public beach location you are booking your picnic on. Beach rules apply.

Guest Count Adjustments

We recommend reserving your picnic or event for the max amount of guests you may have.  This being said, we understand this number may change if you are booking ahead of time.  We can adjust the guest count of your event up to 2 weeks prior to the event date.  We can refund/charge accordingly or if you have made a deposit the remainder due will be adjusted.  Sincerely, K & J reserves the right to not allow guest count changes if staffing does not allow us to cover a large increase in guests attending.

Cancellation Policy 
No cancellations within 48 hours of the picnic/event time. Cancellations made with 48 hours or more notice will receive a refund minus a service fee of 50% of the total picnic/event cost.  If a 50% Deposit was made, this will not be refunded.

Weather Policy
Sincerely, K & J reserves the right to make cancellations on the day of the picnic/event due to inclement weather. Sincerely, K & J will notify you of the cancellation via text or email, and will make an attempt to reschedule the picnic for a different day and time up to 1 year out. If you prefer not to or are unable to reschedule, we are happy to change the location of your picnic to a private location provided by the client (ex. Airbnb, etc.) within our service area as determined by Sincerely, K & J.  If this is not possible, you may request a refund for the picnic portion of your event.

Please Note: Floral arrangements are NON-REFUNDABLE

Large Event Policy

Due to high demand and limited date availability with a short summer season, we require payment in full for any picnic or event, unless you were sent the option for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Please see our cancellation policy above which applies to events as well. A weather back up plan is discussed if you are hosting a large outdoor event. Sincerely, K & J reserves the right to make cancellations on the day of the event due to inclement weather. Our above cancellation and weather policy applies to events as well.

You can always contact us for any questions at

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